Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Welcome To My Perennial Plants Information Blog

I would like to welcome everyone for visiting my blog all about perennials plants information. I have to admit in the past I wasn't too much into gardening before. When people are young and still living in an apartment and renting you don't have the space or really think about gardening really. When people first get there new home that's when people really begin thinking about perennials, gardening and landscaping. My father is the one that really got me into gardening and growing plants. My father has been growing perennials for years and has literally grown thousands of plants. It's been a hobby of his for years and now it has become one of mine as well. My main hobbies before was goldfish, koi, building garden ponds but that soon changed. Building a water garden comes with planting perennial flowers around your pond and making it look beautiful. So that is something I began to enjoy doing as well seeing the final product with the plants around the pond.

Here I'm gonna talk all about perennial care, perennial information, dividing perennials, growing perennials and how to plant a perennial bed. I'm gonna have lots of pictures of different types of perennials and some great photos of perennial flower beds that will give people ideas on landscaping their yard. The thing I like most about perennials is that they come up every year not like annuals. Perennial plants will make you have a beautiful looking garden every year. Now there are literally thousands of perennials so I'm gonna talk about the most popular ones and the ones I like to use. I am going to keep this blog updated on perennials so make sure you come back and share some information, tips or advice on perennials as well.


Sonica said...

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